Elevating Moving
Services Since 1996

Founded by Ted Summitt Jr. in 1996, Piano Movers Plus emerged from a vision to meet a distinct need for specialized moving services in Chattanooga and its surrounding areas. With a foundation rooted in Summitt Pianos, Ted’s family business, he recognized the demand for skillful and reliable moving solutions for pianos, organs, and challenging items.

Expertise Born from Experience

Ted’s journey began at the age of 16 when he embarked on a career at Summitt Pianos. From delivering pianos and organs to serving a multitude of roles, his hands-on experience laid the groundwork for his expertise. Piano Movers Plus was his response to the growing necessity for precision in moving long distances, storing items in climate-controlled spaces, and tackling intricate moving situations. Ted’s legacy extended beyond the business as he became a revered name synonymous with moving expertise.

Unparalleled Training and Growth

What sets us apart is our commitment to skillful training. Every member of our team is personally trained by Ted Summitt Jr., ensuring that the high standards he established are upheld. Our fleet of trucks and multiple crews showcase our growth, allowing us to not only move pianos but also households, businesses, and challenging items like hot tubs and gun safes.

People moving large object downstairs

Men Moving a Covered Piano

Passion for

Our passion is fueled by Ted’s dedication to ensuring damage-free moves and meticulous handling of instruments and belongings. His deep-seated expertise in pianos and moving techniques resonates through our services, inspiring trust and reliability.

Success Through Resilience

Overcoming adversities, Piano Movers Plus has stood the test of time where others fell short. Ted’s unwavering commitment to customers, long-term relationships, and community ties has paved the way for our enduring success.

A Vision for
the Future

As we look to the future, Piano Movers Plus aims to continue its legacy as a generational business. Ted’s pride in the company and his forged relationships is a testament to his dedication.

Motivated by Community and Team

Our motivation is clear: Ted’s aspiration to contribute positively to the community is reflected in our exceptional services and how we value and care for our team members.

Guided by Core Values

Values: Integrity, honesty, performance, and competence. These values form the cornerstone of our business, guiding every move we make and every service we offer. At Piano Movers Plus, we are more than just movers; we are stewards of your prized possessions and partners in your journey.